Even the general, most common meditation of simply following your breath while sitting still, will begin to provide for you, a new and powerful reality of wellbeing that is truly what your soul secretly yearns for… CONTINUE READING

Which would you rather be… wealthy, genius Surgeon or Sorcerer Supreme? Tough choice, right? Ha! I know which one I’d rather be…CONTINUE READING


“White privilege” is an idea that is hugely detrimental to the rise of most people of color and must be rooted out of their consciousness… CONTINUE READING


In the midst of my Rhythmic ritual, my heart pained, my human warred against my Divine, stubborn, unwilling to listen to my Great Juju’s counsel… CONTINUE READING

I was anguished and confused and raw and powerless and… in that moment, that’s what I wanted. To go back home!… CONTINUE READING