JF Retreats

We offer Three Different Retreats options for you to immerse and renew yourself in the fullness of who you are so that you can be of excellent service to your clients and the world, creating your biggest impact and influence.

This is a members only retreat that is included with your Fierce Goddess Membership.

The weight of responsibility can feel heavy and burdensome on your shoulders, as a high achiever and leader.


You may feel the dense energy of the world closing in on you in an oppressive way, as a public figure or celebrity.


Fierce Goddess Retreat is a very private and exclusive live spiritual ceremony and celebration for Fierce Goddess members, to ground you in the authority of your Divine omnipotence, so that the life you lead, the work you do and the legacy you build will reflect the strength, beauty and excellence of the Goddess you are and bring you deepest fulfillment and satisfaction each and every day.

This is a members only  that is included with your High Net Worth Academy enrollment.

Building a high net worth empire is not for the faint of heart. Not only are you swimming against the tide of the limited expectations of the world, but you are also breaking down the barriers of your mind and inner gremlins.


This exclusive and private retreat/mastermind is specially curated to help you reach beyond what you know you can do, so that you can make your impossible dream, possible.


The combination retreat/mastermind is carefully designed, on purpose, to cater to both your divine and human aspects, bringing them into powerful synchronicity, unleashing the potency within that takes you from good to GREAT and makes your multi-million dollar empire a reality.

This potent weekend-long retreat is open
to everyone who hears the call.

What are your intentions? What are you calling into being? What do you want?


The Great Juju Retreat is a powerful opportunity to immerse in the frequency of your desires so that they can flow quickly into your reality.


Effective ceremonies will help you release the veils you picked up from day to day living and behind which you hide from your true omnipotence, so that you can become free, fulfilled and deeply rooted to your Truth.


Powerful rituals connect you to the Earth and the Elements, to your Ancestors and Spiritual Entourage, giving you space to receive potent guidance, strength, wisdom, love and the courage to live the life that calls to you.


Compelling talks that elevate your mind, body and spirit, meditations that give your mind rest and bring you deep peace, while aligning all of you with making your dream life a reality. Connect with your Great Juju and Spirit Guides. Ask them your biggest questions and receive answers.


Have powerful spiritual experiences with your  Great Juju that transcend time and space.


You will be uplifted, revived and filled with unstoppable momentum to be, do or have whatever you desire.


(Due to Covid-19, we are not currently hosting the Great Juju retreat)


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Disclaimer: Everyone is different. We cannot guarantee your results because we cannot do the work for you. You are unique, so your results will be different.