When Life Happens

When Life Happens – Wealthy Genius Surgeon to Sorcerer Supreme – You ARE Dr. Strange

Question for you:
Which would you rather be… wealthy, genius Surgeon or Sorcerer Supreme? Tough choice, right? Ha! I know which one I’d rather be. (Please share your choice and why, in the comments below. Thanks).

Fire of Chaos

Fire of Chaos

Sometimes, “life” interferes with the best laid plans and forces you to recalibrate, take stock of your life and make a dramatic change.

When life happens…when your comfortable reality is upended, the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual chaos can be drowning. It’s as though you lose control over who you are and begin to question your raison d’être.

To say you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and want to crawl out of your own skin, is an understatement. The good intentions of those who care about you, make no difference. In fact, like Dr. Strange, you might even push them away and retreat deeper into the powerless recesses of your own personal hell.

No satisfying answer reveals itself, no matter how hard you search. The solution eludes you, despite throwing your huge wealth, status and powerful rolodex of connections at the chaos.

You’re at a complete and wretched loss with no end in sight.

These are the times when you start to wish you had supernatural powers…especially the one that would allow you do create and uncreate any aspect of your reality…whenever you want. You could control whatever was happening to you, instantly.

Wait, did I just write that? Well, that’s how I feel when life happens and I find myself in the baptism of chaos. And I bet, I’m not alone.

Perhaps someday, we’ll have that ability…to morph any reality instantly…but for now, there are other highly effective pathways to journey through chaos

Lake of Treasures

You know what I figured out? When life throws you a curve ball like that…the kind that dismantles your sense of self and your place in the world, I promise you that, with that fire of chaos comes a serene lake of treasures, stamped with your specific energetic signature, waiting to reveal itself to you.


And your discovery of this lake containing your treasures, will send you into levels of ecstasy, satisfaction, power and influence, that you never thought possible for you. Yes, even if you previously believed you’d achieved everything you could ever achieve.


It certainly doesn’t feel that way…it doesn’t feel like a lake of treasures is awaiting you on the other side, when you’re thrown down the winding, disarray of torturing life experience, with its weight crushing you.


But, no matter how entrenched you are in the misery of your circumstances, blinded from perceiving your deep inner cleanse and the unearthed gems waiting for you on the other side, your Juju calls still, knowing full well that you’re capable of the journey.


Your chaos and your lake of treasures are designed ONLY for you. You are so singularly known to the universe that in all of the multiverse, your chaos and your lake of treasures, could be for no other being, but you.


And if you let the chaos halt your journey, if you decide you’re not brave enough to journey through your chaos, you would deprive yourself and the world of your unfathomable glory.


You are brave, though. Aren’t you? At least brave enough to seek my help on your journey? Good.



Dr. Strange

✓  He’s a genius. He knows it and so does everyone else.

✓  His skills as a Surgeon are second to none.

✓  Other Surgeons want to be him. He totally basks in the glory of it all.

✓  Of course he’s fabulously wealthy, too. You should see his penthouse. Oh, and his watches. Not to talk of the cars he drives.

✓  He’s on top of his game..living fully… immersing…


When suddenly, in a freak of an accident, he loses it all…he losses what gave his life meaning…he loses his ability to use his hands as a Surgeon! They tremble and shake and the multiple surgeries on them, don’t work.


Talk about a tail spin. Chaos. Baptism of fire. Deep, unparalleled inner turmoil.


No matter what he tries or what others try to do for him, no medical science can fix Dr. Strange’s hands. His life as he knew is completely upended.


Who is he, without the use of his hands to save lives in the theater?


Who is he without his excellent career?  Without the respect and admiration for his peers?


Who is he without his fattened ego?


Who is he without his identity?

We Journey Together.
For you...

Dr. Strange’s external experience of “all hell breaking loose” is the beginning of his journey into the mysteries of becoming the Sorcerer Supreme… his particular brand of lake of treasures, specifically designed just for him.


Your chaos is no different. Its purpose is to lead you to your very own lake of treasures.


Dr. Strange had help. He had someone with the knowledge and expertise he needed, to guide him on his journey to Sorcerer Supreme… his lake of treasures.


He did not give up. And he opened his mind to embrace other possibilities. When he had exhausted “Scientific” means to repairing his hands, he willingly pursued the Metaphysical.


Because, truth be told, every true chaos is your call to yourself, to uncover the true mysteries of your being… to rise beyond the illusions of the physical and gain even more power over it.


Although, you don’t have to give up your career to become Sorcerer Supreme, you and Dr strange are no different. The fires of chaos force you to transcend, too. You are Dr. Strange.

How Can I Help?

I am here to guide, support and hold space for you as you go from your specific chaos, to your very own lake of treasures. Together, we will uncover the spiritual compass for your deeply personal baptism of fire and navigate you successfully to the other side, where the new, more powerful you, beckons.

Yes, there will be resistance. But that’s one reason why you hire me… to smooth it out as we journey together, for you.


(As always, we honor your privacy and sign NDAs /non-disclosure agreements, as requested.)

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