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Meditation TV Show Billions

I didn’t watch the entire “Billions” show, to be honest, but one thing I absolutely loved, in what few episodes I caught, was that both main characters, Rhoades and Axelrod, made a habit of meditating often.


With the constant emotional stress, high stakes mind games and cat/mouse subterfuge that were their lives, both men could definitely not afford to pass up on the many benefits of meditation, to sharpen their focus and give them impetus to live and fight another day.


Living an extraordinary life of success, abundance and power, with people at your beck and call and your every request carried out pronto, it’s easy to fall into the false lull of your invincibility.


Of course, as infinite Spirit, you are invincible, regardless of what becomes of your wealth, health, power, beauty, family, etc.



But, as the human in physical expression, the demands of daily living, keeping up appearances, childhood/adult traumas, fears that creep into your conscious mind in the dead of night….chip away constantly at the false invincibility that you strive to build around you.


The pursuit of your passions, (fishing is one my family and I deeply enjoy), your philanthropic generosity, working harder each day to make this world a better place, cannot fill the gap or elevate your level of total satisfaction, like the deep experiential meditations that I teach.


Even the general, most common meditation of simply following your breath while sitting still, will begin to provide for you, a new and powerful reality of wellbeing that is truly what your soul secretly yearns for.


This kind of, (for lack of a better word), inner peace transports you beyond the falsehood that shrouds you, the traumas that defy the help of your best therapists and the passions in life that drive you.


This inner peace takes you to a place of sheer bliss in which you are deeply comforted, loved, accepted, nourished and where you are truly FREE.



What Are the Benefits of Meditation? Here Are a Few: 

  1. It connects you to your true infinite and indomitable Divine nature – the Juju that is you.
  2. It heightens your sense of intuition or “gut feeling” to help you make better, life giving decisions
  3. It gives you true calm in the midst of chaos and allows you to step up when others feel paralyzed
  4. It gives you answers to your pressing questions
  5. It allows your mind to rest, so that it can excel
  6. It sorts through your life’s traumas to release the energies trapped within
  7. It makes your world a much better place


The benefits of meditation are long. From your first day of simple meditation practice, you will feel its benefits flowing through you.



Here’s a Simple Meditation to Practice Now


Wherever you are right now: in the boardroom or prepping to perform delicate surgery or on the deck of your yacht or shopping on the French Riviera …


✨ Take a pause…

✨ Breathe in deeply…

✨ Push the air down into your lower tummy area extending your abdomen… 

✨ Hold for a few seconds…

(Think these words: “Power resides within and around me, seen and unseen. I tap into it now and use it for my purposes”)…

✨ Breathe out through your mouth in one big whoosh…


You can apply this meditation technique multiple times a day in varying situations. You can be specific about the purpose for the power you tapped into.


Whether it’s success you desire for your shareholders meeting, a date with the woman/man you desire or a moment of peace/clarity, this simple meditation works wonders.


U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and Hedge Fund King, Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, are definitely on the right track with their meditation routines. Isn’t it time you started too?


Your Juju is calling. Answer the call. Learn more at:



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