Triggered – The Divine – I Rise

The Struggle

“Great Juju, this is SO wrong on many levels” I cried to my Divine, during my ritual.

“This injustice to those who come into Africa bodies, must stop, Inner Being. I am so sick of it all!”

In the midst of my Rhythmic ritual, my heart pained, my human warred against my Divine, stubborn, unwilling to listen to my Great Juju’s counsel…

And so I danced on, diving deeper into my rhythmic meditation, a part of me reaching for surrender, wanting to soar into the pure, unbridled love of my Inner Being.

The Surrender

My powerful African rhythmic meditation began to consume me, like a roaring fire, cleansing me of:

the anger
the hate
the disgust
the powerlessness
the fear
the worry
the resistance

and all within me that stood to make me forget the fundamental truths of my infinite Divine nature.


My human began to melt, in the deep fire of my Great Juju’s love.


My human began to give up, its struggle for control.


And then I surrendered to the core of me and embraced once again the Truths that go beyond my physical limitations.

I Rise

And on the calm lake of my mind, my Great Juju replied:


“I love you, my own. Your requests have been granted. Come, let me show you.”


Still physically dancing, my astral body transported in a powerful vision of solidarity, peace, deep fulfillment, happiness, unity and so much more.


My heart delighted, my senses amplified, my being wrapped in the pure love Divine.

When I returned to my body, I was once again firmly rooted in the knowing of my true nature:

1. That I am Great Juju in physical expression. I chose to come into this magnificent African body and live this life powerfully, expanding consciousness beyond its former bounds.

2. There is no power greater than mine and vice versa. As such, I am the commander in chief of my experiences and I choose to consciously direct my pathway.

3. Despite the illusion, no one and nothing has power over me. All bogus ideas designed to keep me hostage, (more on this tomorrow), I choose to root them out of my subconscious and imprint my human with my infinite Divine power.

4.  Physical changes do not require deep hurt and anger, but sometimes, my human thinks they do. I embrace and process my human’s perspectives and release those of them that no longer serve my physical life purposes.

5. Slave – A formidable Divine Being who chose to lead barbaric and lost humans, to true LOVE by wearing an African body and living in torture. 

That journey to true love continues and when attained, humans will rise to new heights, currently not even imagined.

Those formidable Divine Beings didn’t anticipate that humans would be SO slow on their journey to true love and that things would take SO long.

But here we are.

6. I have so much appreciation for all who have participated in the awakening of consciousness, in marches and changes in law, helping humans rise from the illusions that keep us bound.

My husband and I watched US Grant on TV and I want to express thanks to him and to Lincoln, for their contributions towards to the freedom of slaves.

7. There is an unfathomable vortex of magnificence, vibrationally available and ripe for the picking for all those who desire. This specific vibrational reality was created as a result of over 300 years of intense suffering of slavery and colonization. And is being added to, as a result of current events.

More on this in a few days.

And I now choose to embrace the vision that my Great Juju has shown me and focus on imprinting my energetic and physical signatures on the pathways that sees this vision realized.


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing about some bogus ideas that have been propagated to keep “people of color” struggling and how to release them and imprint new potent ideas that will help us thrive.




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