I am the best in my field at nourishing you with unrivalled, potent Juju medicine, when life throws you a curveball, so that you can spread the wings of your indomitable Spirit and live through life’s turbulence with exquisite alignment, authenticity and the true joy that overflows from the infinite wellspring of Great Juju.

I support you through challenging times (and when all’s well) with nourishing spiritual wisdom, practices and experiences, designed specifically for you and your unique situation.

Should you desire to dive deeper into metaphysics or other mystical practices for your elevation, please inquire.

Here’s how I work:

I work with individuals and couples on a 1:1 (you & me)


1:2 (me, you and someone you bring).


Metaphysical experiences and ceremonies can be created for small groups

Call, email or schedule a time on my calendar (last page of this site), to speak with me about your situation and the details of your bespoke experience.

Would you like a:

  • Full day VIP – starts at $150K
  • Full Weekend – starts at $300K
  • 3 months to 1 year packages – starts at $1M
  • Other formats are available – Inquire

NOTE: I have a rolodex of experts that I tap into to help make your experience more powerful and more impactful.

NOTE: Your privacy is highly important to us. We sign and honor non-disclosure agreements, as per your request.