You’re a high performing leader, on top of your game.
An infinite Spirit living an extraordinary life.
You laugh, you love and you achieve your big goals.

But, every now and then, life throws you a curve ball, that makes you question your reason for being. It zaps your life force and pushes you to your limit and then some.

Maybe in response, you rant and you rave, you kick and you scream or you cry your eyes out. How can your life be so amazing and hurtful at the same time?

They say when life throws you lemons you should make lemonade. But I beg to differ. Lemonade is just too tart. 
What you need most at times like these, is profound resonance with your Great Juju, the infinite Spirit, calling to you.

That’s where I come in. To hold sacred space, as you answer the call. To support your immersion in the fires of chaos and help you transcend its illusions.