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Chaos Energy Mastery

5 Steps to Morph any CHAOTIC Situation in Your Life into Conscious Balance and Outcomes that Match Your Highest Standards!

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Badass Metaphysicians, Let’s Turn Your CHAOS into Conscious Balance and Desired Outcomes that Match Your Highest Standards

During this Free Masterclass You Will Learn

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1. The 3 Biggest Misunderstandings about energy that cause chaotic situations to persist in your life, no matter how much you try to change them. 

(Just knowing what these are, will speed up your ability to finally stop your struggle with unruly situations).

2. The #1 Energetic shift that will get you from doubting your ability to morph any life experience you no longer desire, into one that fits your new goals and dreams.

(This will give you the confidence you need to no longer be afraid of chaos because you know how to tame it)

3. The 5 Powerful Steps You Need to turn your chaos into conscious balance and outcomes that match your highest standards.

(You will gain clarity on how you have been holding yourself back and perpetuating chaos in your life and also how to begin turning it from formlessness to form.)

4.  An Opportunity to Dive Deeper and specifically, so that you can become adept at harnessing the energy within any chaos. Whether your chaos or another’s), to create any reality you desire, without months and years of linear time.

(This will show how I can personally help you with your situation).

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Melani Rose
Alimra Michael
Jessica Kam
Thank you for helping me diversify and create solid growth and real wealth, Fri. I now have a growing real estate portfolio, in addition to my thriving CPA and coaching practices. You are helping me create a legacy. Thank you!
Juliana Kennedy
CPA & Cash Flow Mastery Coach
Fri, thank you so so so much for your help and guidance and support. Amazing things are happening. I got a BIG Project contract and the client reached out to me personally. I am thrilled and grateful for this unfolding. Thank you, Fri! Thank you! Thank you! I look forward to witnessing all the other miracles on the way.
Corina Stratulat​
Senior Policy Analyst at European Policy Centre​
Working with you helped me to see how everything in my life is connected. When I first found you I was floundering around trying to find my purpose. While working with you I tapped into my true metaphysical purpose and have created a successful practical magick consulting company myself that is on it's way to 7 figures. All is so much fun, ease, and play! You know how to find the root of any block and how to dissolve every single one! Thank you Fri, you changed my life and vicariously the lives of all my clients!
Caryn Terres​
The Dragon Doula & Superconscious Leader​

This Masterclass is for You, If…

Then, you’ve come to the right place, to finally receive what you need to metamorphose energy into form.
What you’ll learn is unique, powerful, and transformational.


Your Masterclass Trainer:

Hi, I'm Fri Chihak

I help you, become EXPERT at morphing reality…at will, so that you can magnetize success in your life and business… FAST!

Nurtured by my powerful Shaman grandmother, my natural clairvoyant, astral projection and other spiritual abilities allow me to see beyond your limitations to exactly what you need, to rise to your highest potential.

In addition, my skills as a former Gnostic Priestess will help you achieve deep levels of awareness that effect profound transformation within your consciousness, giving you supreme control over your physical reality.

Thanks to my education (Masters) in Teaching and Leadership, my experience as a former High School Teacher, my continuous education and my years of coaching high achieving clients, I’ve developed instruction in my Juju Fierce Communities, Academies, and other Offerings that are curated specifically to help you get the results you desire.

Clients who have implemented my solutions for reality creation, inner healing and transformation have experienced phenomenal results in business and life.

Will you be next?

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