You bow no longer to the illusions of life
To the false deities of external validation and man-made power


You fear no more the judgments of your peers
Who laugh at your zeal to romp around in things supernatural


You no longer wonder at the meaning of your life
Nor fear what it means to die eventually and abandon this life


For your Fierce Heart is set upon answering the call
To an extraordinary life, that goes beyond the limited views of physical perception


Your fierce heart is ready for the potent inner pilgrimage
Where the flaming sword of Divine power, burns away your illusions
Leaving you full of your own TRUE prowess


YES! You’re ready at last for your JUJU QUEST


Fri Chihak

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Welcome to Your

A compelling, bespoke, supernatural experience, curated just for you, on a one to one basis to reconnect powerfully with Great Juju, receive the answers and solutions you seek and transform your life and business into one of joyous expansion and unparalleled success.​

Once we discuss your unique needs, I will curate a potent Juju Quest experience tailored to your situation and the results you desire.

This quest experience is a minimum 4 months… more, if you desire.


is by application only and investment begins at 100k figures.

Complete the form below if you have any questions, would like to discuss your unique situation or to begin the application process.

Spaces are extremely limited for this 1:1 bespoke Juju Quest experience, so inquire now!

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your questions, your unique situation or to begin the application process.

I’ll respond within 24 hours with your next steps.


As a powerful Shaman, former Gnostic Priestess and life-long Metaphysician who has helped many seekers find their way back to Great Juju, I am thrilled to welcome you to Juju Quest and to be your guide on your inner pilgrimage.

For some seekers that I have guided, the inner call to awaken to the ancient mysteries of your soul can at first feel threatening and alienating to your established lifestyle and belief systems.

But as you let go of fear and heed the call, a natural energetic covenant is formed between you and your Great Juju, so that your life will begin reflecting true power, deep joy and fulfillment.

Because this is a unique, bespoke experience curated by me, (your guide), just for you, you can expect a deeper, more meaningful and highly intimate connection with your Spirit guides, Ancestors and yourself.

Whether you seek answers or solutions to your deepest questions, simply wish to have direct supernatural experiences, want to be cradled in a potent spiritual cocoon or another metaphysical dilemma, as your guide, I can tell you that your Juju Quest will leave you feeling exhilarated, satisfied and at peace with your life.

Let me know how I can be of help to you by sending me your inquiry about Juju Quest.

I look forward to being your Juju Quest guide and I’m honored to be a part of your riveting journey.

Welcome to your Juju Quest!


Fri is an excellent spiritual leader, guide, and businesswoman.

She helps me stay focused and in alignment in a way that keeps me pursuing and achieving big business and life goals.

Thank you, Fri.

Beatrice Tayui

CEO of Cybele Energy


I was feeling quite hopeless! The competition in my line of business can be fierce.

In addition, I have always felt I’m not living up to my highest potential. It bothers me when I think of leaving this world without accomplishing my dream of billionaire success!

I used to think there was no one out there with a dream as big as mine and that left me with feelings of deep frustration and anxiety. I had almost given up!

Then, I met Fri! What a powerhouse! What a visionary! I hired her immediately! And boy am I glad I did! Fri helped me refine my niche in a highly competitive space, taking my business to new heights of success. I can’t tell you what a good feeling it is to go to bed at night and WANT to get up the next day and eagerly start my work with Fri’s program. It has changed everything!

With Fri, I am reaching for my highest potential. I am building the legacy that I have always wanted, but didn’t know how. I have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. And that is a PRICELESS gift.

 Keep doing what you do Fri. Thank you SO much!

Melissa Alvarado​​


Sometimes, you have all these amazing ideas, but for some reason you don’t execute! That was me before Fri worked her magic on me.

I was in medical school with grueling coursework and deep down I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I hired Fri and she helped set me free. Her support was pivotal. I put med school on hold and followed my entrepreneurial dream.

Today, I own 3 thriving companies and am on track for multiple 7 Figures ($). I could not have done this without Fri’s help!

Thank you, Fri!

Bernard Muluh​

Owner and CEO of Go-Bliss