1:1 coaching, support & fine-tuning to help you scale your business to 6 figures plus and turn on your manifesting mojo, so that you can make more money, attract top clients, magnetize loving relationships, deepen your Divine connection and more. And you get to do it, without stress, while working less.

Sometimes, you do not wish to be vulnerable in group sessions. You need more privacy to be free to express your concerns, so you can get the specialized help you need.

You desire uniquely directed coaching and fine-tuning for you, to not only master a subject, but to implement it with triumphant success.

For mastery to happen, you need accountability and someone who will closely watch, guide, support and redirect your focus to activate mastery within you.

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Scale your business, increase your revenues and have more impact?

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Be held accountable in a safe space?

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Fine tune your ability to manifest your desired outcomes on command?

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Discover and release the energy drains that hold you back?

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Receive spiritual guidance?

Mastery Club is a strict container for you who are ready to have your barriers broken down, so that you can achieve the outcomes you want.

Mastery Club is for you who are ready for that accountability which is designed to focus your attention and bring you success.

Mastery Club is a very private, safe space, for you to be both vulnerable and strong as you reach for your highest potential.

Mastery Club is for you who are ready for your dreams to become a reality.

What’s Included in your Mastery Club Membership:

Open - Checkbox Box Check Png PNG Image | Transparent PNG Free ...2, 60 minute 1 to 1 sessions per month with Fri Chihak

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Private chat access to Fri

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Private, individual space for all your resources and homework and other communication with Fri 

Open - Checkbox Box Check Png PNG Image | Transparent PNG Free ...Full access to all Juju Fierce Member privileges such as:

  • Group Zoom Lives 2 times per week
  • Group coaching, rituals, meditations and Q & A
  • 40 plus topics on business success, metaphysics, morphing reality and more
  • A library of past Zoom Lives on a variety of topics
  • Private group space (NOT on Facebook)
  • Access to Bespoke Billionaires Rise March 2020 Event Videos and worksheets designed to help you scale to 7 figures
  • And more

Mastery Club Value $10,000 per month

You Save 70%

Join Mastery Club 1 to 1 coaching and support with Fri NOW!

Your Mastery Club Monthly and Yearly Options:

Monthly Investment $10,000 per month

$2,997 per month

Yearly Investment $120,000 per year

$30,000 per year BIG Savings 

Mastery Club is for you who are willing to enter that next level of success, where responsibility, accountability, direction, and focus are required.

Email your questions to: TeamJuju@JujuFierce.com


love the potent and very fun art of morphing reality into whatever I like. I totally delight in using Sorcery or Magick (whatever you call that POWER within) to empower, inspire, uplift and support you on your journey to commanding your desires into reality…at will.

I am a life long metaphysician and I am honored that you have chosen to partner with me and TeamJuju to take consciousness beyond its current levels.

So excited to have you with us.

Although we do cover some Law of Attraction strategies, Juju Fierce is about the art of Morphing Reality on Command. We help you be able to create or change any reality you want, at will. And to do this, we help you learn methods of Reality Creation that go deeper and beyond LOA.

We also deep dive into awakening your supernatural abilities, spell casting, astral projection and many other metaphysical topics designed to help you truly become expert at changing any area of your life and business.

In short, whether you seek to be an LOA master or you desire to awaken/bolster your supernatural abilities or shoot fireballs out of your hands, Juju Fierce is the place to be.

Of course! Many of our members started out as newbies to LOA or the supernatural stuff and they stayed because of the powerful experiences and the beautiful outcomes in business and life that Juju Fierce has helped them, bring about.

Woohoo! You will have a lot of fun and you will thrive powerfully in Juju Fierce. I am interested in knowing where you are now and what you’re looking for. Whatever it is, Juju Fierce can help you.

You will connect with some awesome pros in Juju Fierce who will help enhance your skills and take things further than you’ve been.

The majority of members in Juju Fierce are Entrepreneurs. We cover business strategies, client attraction, and many more skills needed to thrive in business. 

Just the other day, I was helping a couple of members refine their $100K packages and strategies. Whether you’re starting out in business or you’re ready for those $100K packages, Juju Fierce is a great place to rock your business!

I have BIG dreams. I want to be a Billionaire. Do You, Fri, or members of Juju fierce have such goals?

I am thrilled you asked. The answer is Heck, YES! My goal to create a multi-trillion dollar empire is well known by members of Juju Fierce. I have some Conscious Billionaire interviews on Youtube.

Juju Fierce members also have trillion dollar and billion dollar empire goals. Some simply want to be millionaires.

Members in Juju Fierce find their goals growing bigger when they start to use the powerful strategies we share and experiment on in Juju Fierce.

You will be right at home in Juju fierce, with great support and members who cheer you on and support you.


You do not have to sign a contract to be a member of Juju fierce. You are free to cancel anytime simply by going to your account settings. Or you can send an email to TeamJuju@JujuFierce.com

Paid months are non-refundable.

I am known to be quite generous with the help I provide at all levels. Members can post questions in the groups, program sections, in topic areas, or anywhere else in the community and receive support.

During lives and other trainings, the more active you are, the more support you will get. 

Everyone benefits from your activity.

However, you will get the most support as a member in the Mastery club, where you get 1:1 time and more direct interactions with me.

Choose whichever membership option suits you, knowing that you will be very highly supported in Juju fierce as a member.

Most Juju Fierce members are dedicated to the community. We’ll be sorry to see you go, if you
choose to cancel your membership. Simply go your account section and cancel or change your
Alternately, you can send us an email here TeamJuju@JujuFierce.com and we’ll take of it for you,
right away.
Note that paid months are non-refundable but you can cancel anytime.

Yes. Juju Fierce offers Masterminds, Programs, Courses, Retreats (online and off), VIP Days
and more to help members and non members deep dive into a variety of topics.

1. Juju Fierce Mastery Club membership (outlined above) and detailed here,
2. Working directly with Fri, on a 1:1 bespoke arrangement basis, is a powerful way to
accelerate your growth and success.
Get details and see praise from some of Fri’s bespoke clients here (link to my 1:1 page which I’ll
create later.
Testimonials from Benard, Mel, etc.

We’re excited for you and look forward to meeting you in the community. 

Simply choose your membership option above and click on the payment amount link, enroll and receive your welcome email right away, then head over to our powerful community and start rockin’!

Yay! Congratulation on investing in your growth and success. We’re very happy that you’ve chosen to be a part of our community.

Once you choose a membership and enroll, you will immediately receive a welcome email with the details to join us.

We welcome you with open arms and encourage your to introduce yourself and tell us what you’re looking to get out of our fabulous community.

The navigation is easy. Ask questions, dive into the topics of interest and connect with fellow members.

Welcome home.