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“White privilege” is an idea that is hugely detrimental to the rise of most people of color and must be rooted out of their consciousness. A new idea, powerful and TRUE, must be imprinted: That people of color are very privileged. From the Spiritual perspective, “white privilege” does NOT exist. And it can cease to …
(This is Part 2 – The Divine – of my 2 part personal series: Human and Divine. The following is my DIVINE Perspective. Read my Human perspective, here.) “Great Juju, this is SO wrong on many levels” I cried to my Divine, during my ritual.   “This injustice to those who come into Africa bodies, …
(This is Part 1 – the Human of my 2 part personal series: Human and Divine. The following is my HUMAN Perspective. Read my Divine perspective, here. I caught myself shouting, “I want to go back home. I’m starting to hate it here!” My husband was caught off guard by my words and froze mid …


I was led to run a boot camp and I am so glad I was in tune and listened. A week later, I have 9 confirmed spots in!

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I’m totaling nearly $7k in the past 11 days!!!! Thank you Fri!​

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Fri! That lady paid in full! This is the first time since I have been in business.

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